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At Rosemore Eye Care, we use Carl Zeiss ophthalmic lenses. Zeiss has been making lenses since 1846. They do not directly advertise to consumers because they don’t need to. Their products are preferred by opticals that do not sacrifice quality for name recognition. Independent of whether or not you get your glasses lenses at Rosemore Eye Care, you most likely use Zeiss optical materials on a daily basis.

Single Vision

Office Lens


The image on the left shows a lens with standard lens technology. The second image shows the effects of Zeiss distortion reducing technologies. We use aspheric designs to get rid of image distortion that happens through standard lenses.

A standard pair of reading glasses does not address all vision needs in the workplace. The Zeiss Officelens comes in three variants to help optimize the specific tasks you need done when working. This technology is customized by our expert opticians for your work environment.

The Zeiss Individual 2 is the most customizable, clearest progressive lens available. Developed with the patient in mind, they are easy to wear with minimal adaptation. When measured and fit by our expert optical staff, this lens design provides clarity at all working distances.

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