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We provide our services with the latest technology in order to provide the most accurate and thorough eye examination. Additionally, these devices can speed up your eye exam while maintaining excellence in care.

The Optos Daytona houses a scanning laser that records an image of the retina (inside of the back of the eye). The difference between a regular camera that takes images of the retina and the Optos Daytona is astounding. A regular retinal photograph has a maximum range of 45 degrees of field of view, whereas the Optos Daytona captures up to 200 degrees of field. What this means to you is that more of the retina can be imaged, leading to more accurate diagnoses of retinal findings.

The Nidek OPD Scan III is multi-functional machine that takes various readings important to eye health. This machine is able to estimate your glasses prescription as well as take a topography of the surface of your eyes. With these readings, we can detect subtle problems that can affect your vision.

The Marco refracting system works directly from the information obtained from the Nidek OPD Scan III.  With this information, your refraction can take as little as 1 minute to complete. This procedure normally takes at least 5-10 minutes. Further, the information is electronically transferred to our electronic medical records (EMR). This prevents transcription errors which account for the most amount of mistakes in glasses prescriptions.

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